Volunteer with The Family Room

The Family Room could not function without its volunteers! Our volunteers are an integral and valued part of how we support our families. Volunteers serve in the following ways:

  • Supervise the time families spend together and coach parents through their interactions with their children.
  • Clean and restock our visitation rooms.
  • Coordinate and/or prepare meals for each of our visitation sessions.

Contact The Family Room for more info or to sign up to volunteer

The needs are overwhelming. COVID-19 has amplified stress and anxiety for our families. With the surge of needs and limited government help for birth parents, your gift is more important than ever.


While we are so incredibly thankful that foster children in Oregon are receiving the support and resources they need during this unprecedented time, sadly, there are literally zero resources for birth parents working toward reunification with their children.

The birth parents we serve already have overcome so many barriers and struggles prior to coming to The Family Room. These parents now face unemployment, limited access to sobriety support and therapy groups, and numerous barriers that could interrupt their progress. Without your help, their healing and growth are at risk.


Your gift of $50 today provides birth parents the resources they need to continue healing and stay engaged with their children, even during these uncertain times.

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