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Board of Directors



CJ Martin, JD

CJ Martin, JD

TFR Board Chair

Senior Associate, Smith Freed & Eberhand
CJ is an attorney working in personal injury claims in Oregon and Washington.  She received a Political Science degree from Portland State University’s Honor College and then attended law school at the Strauss Institute at Pepperdine University.  She has worked as an intern for Senator Ron Wyden and also has experience as a research assistant examining death penalty cases.  As a former trial court clerk in Multnomah County, she saw many families attempting to make the best of difficult situations and facing substantial challenges navigating our complex legal system.  She has been a faithful and enthusiastic volunteer for The Family Room since October 2014 and joined TFR’s Board of Directors in January 2018.  CJ also serves on the Board of the Portland Waves, Pepperdine’s Alumni Association in Portland.
Douglas Hyde, MBA

Douglas Hyde, MBA

TFR Board Treasurer

Vice President, Office of Program Management – Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon

In addition to Doug’s formidable professional experience in the business and management sector, he says his primary calling is to be attentive to the needs and invested in the lives of his family, neighbors, church and community.   He feels the community as a whole has much at stake as we share in the challenges, opportunities and successes of our children — they need and deserve our best.  He has served as a founding board member and past president of a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of youth — the Search Institute — and has also been a board member of a Boys and Girls Club. Currently, Doug volunteers his time teaching piano and guitar lessons to several adolescent youth and also teaches children’s Sunday school at his church.  He is passionate about the Family Room because healthy families are a critical foundation for healthy youth. The vision of The Family Room toward the restoration of healthy relationships between parents and their children is inspiring to him.  Doug has been a member of TFR’s Board of Directors since January 2018.
Heath Cloutier

Heath Cloutier

TFR Board Secretary

Training and Development Manager, OCHIN, Inc.

Heath currently serves as the Training and Development Manager at OCHIN in Portland, Oregon. With both an MBA and prior professional experience as an Executive Director of a start-up non-profit, Heath brings valuable insight and leadership to TFR’s Board. He has served on the Board since January 2015.

Sara Keller

Sara Keller

TFR Board Member

Senior Loan Officer, Guild Mortgage

 Sara founded and built her own business — Guild Mortgage — as a young single mom to her amazing now teenaged daughter.  She remembers many difficult and lonely times struggling to provide for her family and feels incredibly fortunate to have built a successful business and a comfortable life for her and her daughter.  Sara was introduced to The Family Room through a totally “random” event that now feels truly providential to both her and TFR’s staff.  She felt an immediate curiosity about TFR’s work and began volunteering right away.  She feels that helping parents and their children reunite is close to her heart and is the right fit for her in giving back to her community.  Sara began volunteering for TFR in June of 2017 and joined TFR’s Board of Directors five months later in November.

Willow Oelke

Willow Oelke

Executive Director

The Hope Squared Foundation

With a long history in banking and the financial world and a lifetime of service in nonprofits and community organizations, Willow has developed a passion for helping the underserved. She cares deeply about the communities we live and work in and has a strong sense of social responsibility. She is also passionate about financial literacy as this is often a root cause preventing individuals from rising out of poverty. 

Willow is the Executive Director for The Hope Squared Foundation, a Portland-based nonprofit that serves teens and women facing a crisis pregnancy. 

As a young teenage mother, Willow was fully aware of the difficult circumstances many families face. Having endured much, she has made it her life’s mission to serve underprivileged families.  Willow is a native Oregonian, having grown up on the beautiful Oregon Coast. As a wife, mother, and grandmother, her family is her greatest treasure. 

The needs are overwhelming. COVID-19 has amplified stress and anxiety for our families. With the surge of needs and limited government help for birth parents, your gift is more important than ever.


While we are so incredibly thankful that foster children in Oregon are receiving the support and resources they need during this unprecedented time, sadly, there are literally zero resources for birth parents working toward reunification with their children.

The birth parents we serve already have overcome so many barriers and struggles prior to coming to The Family Room. These parents now face unemployment, limited access to sobriety support and therapy groups, and numerous barriers that could interrupt their progress. Without your help, their healing and growth are at risk.


Your gift of $50 today provides birth parents the resources they need to continue healing and stay engaged with their children, even during these uncertain times.

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