I am the new Program Director overseeing operations at two of our sites. Last June, I graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. Prior to joining The Family Room, I gained valuable experience as a Child Care Worker in the Foster Care Unit at Morrison Child and Family Services. Additionally, I honed my skills as a Sexual Assault Prevention Coordinator during my internship at UNICA, an agency dedicated to serving the Latine community impacted by Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault.

My passion has always centered around working with children. Upon discovering The Family Room and understanding their mission, I was immediately drawn to their impactful efforts in increasing the likelihood of family reunification. I am particularly passionate about this cause as it allows me to play a pivotal role in fostering learning, strengthening bonds, and rebuilding trust within families. Seeing each individual and family grow and reunite fills me with a profound sense of purpose, as it embodies our mission to empower families to forge stronger, healthier, and lasting bonds together.

I am especially enthusiastic about leading the introduction of our Spanish Speaking Family Sessions. This initiative addresses a critical need by providing essential resources to parents and children whose primary language is not English. Having personally experienced the challenges of language barriers in my own upbringing, I am driven to ensure that language proficiency does not hinder these families from acquiring the necessary skills for successful reunification. Through fostering a supportive environment, my goal is to empower these underserved families and serve as a beacon of hope during their challenging journey towards reunification.